Who Are We, Our Mission

The Garner Area Historical Society is a non-profit organization, staffed by volunteers. We are dedicated to preserving the history of Garner, North Carolina, and nearby crossroads; educating youth; and promoting Garner's story in and outside the community. (Fendol-Bevers Map, 1879)
The Garner Area Historical Society is excited to partner with the Town of Garner in moving the Historic 1900 Depot from its original location beside the railroad tracks on East Garner Road to a nearby site in the Historic District of downtown Garner for operation as a history museum. The new site is located on property at the intersection of Main and Pearl Streets, next to the 1950's Garner Fire Station. We look forward to showcasing the rich history of the Town of Garner and its citizens in a structure so integral to its history.
The Garner Area Historical Society is a member of Garner Chamber of Commerce, Federation of NC Historical Societies, NC Preservation Consortium and NC Railroad Museum Society
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